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Metal Gear Rising - Codec Suite by Shadeslayer347 Metal Gear Rising - Codec Suite by Shadeslayer347
This was my second undertaking in Rainmeter. The idea started as simply creating a iTunes remote modeled after the codec display from Metal Gear Rising, treating the album/song as the person you're talking to. After being satisfied with that I went on to build the rest of the codec menu. The contact buttons were designed to be links (as you can see I prefer an empty desktop) so my common programs were turned into contacts. The "Raiden" contact opens up Metal Gear Rising *teehee*. The iTunes contact loads and unloads the iTunes remote. Then I decided in order for it to look right I needed the bordery bits, so I rigged them up to be a battery indicator.

For the duration of creating this suite, my background was set to a screen shot of the game, allowing me to make sure everything was scaled appropriately and looked right. However, after I made the iTunes remote I switched from using a screenshot I found online as a template to using my own screenshot from the game. This lead to the iTunes remote being slightly bigger than it should be. As the border and contacts were created later, I used a diferrent method of creating the graphics for those to make look closer to the game (with slight scan lines/bars) where as the iTunes remote I created solid colored images using the original images as a base and coloring over them. I will go back later to fix the images for the iTunes remote, but for now I want to move on to other projects.

The background is included in the skinpack (In the resources folder), as well as a template that loads all 3 skins. The background was a screenshot I found online that I applied a semi transparent layer to in Gimp to add the scan lines.
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July 23, 2014
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